New company launches left-handed drum sticks
Esteemed stick manufacturer Raloten has announced the launch ......
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Fri, April 1, 2016
Anika Nilles: Angling for glory
Anika Nilles grabbed the drum community’s attention with her ......
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Fri, January 29, 2016
Review: Ahead Mach 1 Single and Double Pedals
The Mach 1 holds its own in an increasingly competitive mark ......
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Sun, December 20, 2015
Review: Sakae PAC-D
This is one of the most talked about kits for some time, not ......
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Thu, December 17, 2015
Review: Gretsch Broadkaster Kit Classic Heritage
The reason this kit has got everybody excited is that it is ......
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Sun, December 13, 2015
Review: Kandū Jungle Vibe Flame Cajón
Many companies are joining the queue to put cajóns on the pr ......
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Thu, December 10, 2015
The Big 10: Steven Kerry
This month we speak to Steven Kerry, front of house engineer ......
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Sat, December 5, 2015
Beat on the Street: Manchester Drum Centre
Manchester Drum Centre takes the focus this month to tell us ......
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Mon, November 30, 2015
The Riser: Ashes to Angels
Bristol-based alternative goth punks Ashes to Angels lend us ......
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Fri, November 27, 2015
Carl Palmer: Palmer Flam
Retirement isn’t on the imminent agenda of Carl Palmer, drum ......
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Tue, November 24, 2015