Review: Ahead Mach 1 Single and Double Pedals

Putting your feet ahead of the game.

Words: Victor Guillamon   Images: Richard Ecclestone

Ahead began life as a drumstick company, but it now offers a wide range of hardware, snare drums, pads, cases and stools. Ahead has added to its extensive product range with the Mach 1 kick drum pedal in both a single and double version, with an optional quick torque cam option.

In Detail and In Use

Both versions are well designed and look sturdy with double drive chains. The floor board has a stainless steel drive shaft with maintenance free bearings and includes a drum key that is tucked away and attaches to its own housing.IMG_4055.jpeg_580px

Both pedals feel really smooth and highly responsive to quick playing. The feel is that of a direct drive pedal but with a natural chain response, which allows for quieter situation playing. The finish on all components is to a high standard, as you would expect in a pedal of this spec. Sturdy and functional grip zones can be found by looking under the footplate,
which means that once in situ, this pedal is going nowhere. If speed is your thing then the smoothness this delivers will allow you to play at those upper limit BPMs.

The sister model of the Mach 1, or rather its twin version, matches the single pedal’s performance. Most noticeably in the left pedal, which is very well balanced against the right and will mean that there should be no power struggles between either of your feet. The black anodised uprights that house the drive shaft and tension spring look and feel great. There is a no nonsense stainless steel key to the right side of the pedal on the footplate, which allows you to tighten the swivel clamp to your kick drum hoop – note that Ahead has designed the hoop clamp with minimising damage to the kick drum hoop in mind. Drummers can be very particular about their beaters but the Mach 1 beater is a functional no frills design – a chunky slightly rounded black nylon head on one face and a rounded solid felt white head on the other.


The Mach 1 holds its own in an increasingly competitive market. These are pedals that can offer a smooth action, durability and dynamics.

Ahead Mach 1 single and double pedals


Single pedal £119

Double pedal £304


BR Distribution

01207 282806

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