Review: Regal Tip Sticks

Last issue we brought you news that US drumstick luminary Regal Tip has introduced four new models into their range: three very different signature lines along with a pair aimed at studio and session players. Here we have a pair of each for our closer scrutiny…

Daniel Adair Signature B-52

Nickelback’s beat provider’s stick of choice is a fairly substantial model. Roughly the same thickness as a traditional 5B model, but slightly longer with a gradual taper to a large acorn- shaped tip, the extra weight to the front end and the thicker neck promise to stand up to punishment from the heavier hitters. Completely straight, well matched and evenly balanced, the sticks feel good in the hand, with the added reach and weight making heavy grooves and big fills a breeze.

130404 Drummer Gear Shots April 2013 -061

Ulysses Owens Jr. U Stick

Jazz drummer Ulysses Owens Jr.’s signature model is a lightweight stick coming in at just 0.530” thick. At 16” long it feels fairly flexible in hand, making it more suited for quieter playing than full on heavy onslaughts. The lightness and teardrop-shaped tips combine to make a stick perfect for intricate jazz ride patters with the small tip drawing clear and precise notes out of your cymbals with ease.

Session Series

The Session Series are smaller and lighter than a traditional 5A model with a barrel-shaped tip that draws clear tones out of both drums and cymbals. Better suited to lighter styles of playing, the session models aren’t perhaps what you could class as ‘all-round’ sticks, but for genres such as jazz, Latin and light pop they provide a clean and precise tone.

130404 Drummer Gear Shots April 2013 -064Daniel De Los Reyes Powergrip

Our final set is designed in association with Latin drumming supremo Daniel De Los Reyes. The sticks are close in feel and weight to a standard 5B model, but with a large ball tip and thick rubber grip coating at the butt end. The grip provides a soft cushion for the hand that promotes and transfers the natural vibrations of the stick, allowing for a very relaxed grip as you play. The large round tips provide a heavy yet clear sound, while their perfect balance and even match make this pair a pleasure to use.

Regal Tip Sticks


Daniel De Los Reyes Powergrip – £20.99

Session Series – £12.99

Ulysses Owens Jr. U stick – £13.99

Daniel Adair Signature B-52 – £12.99

Contact: John Hornby Skewes ltd

01132 865 381

Words: Nick Carter     Images: Thru-A-Lupe Photographic

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