Review: Cymskin


Protecting your cymbals from scratches, scuffs and finger marks

Words:  Victor Guillamon   Images: Richard Ecclestone

In Detail

The Cymskin acts as a glove for your cymbal to prevent scuffing, scratching and finger marks. It’s a simple design of a black cotton sleeve with an elastic edge and a hole in the center for the cymbal stand. There are a range of sizes available: from 8”-10” to 20”-22” and you can customise the sizing for a small extra charge. Each Cymskin has a stretch quality, meaning that the 8”-10” sleeve would fit an 8”, 9” or 10” cymbal.

In Use

Each cover is placed directly onto the cymbals while they’re still on their stands – this is simply a matter of removing the wingnut and sliding each Cymskin on. Once your cymbal has been placed in your bag, it stops metal-to-metal contact and protects those much-loved logos, definitely earning its keep. Cymskins can also be used as cymbal mutes for practicing – providing yet more value from this product.


There doesn’t seem to be any other product like this on the market. It’s easy to use and good value for money, especially when protecting valuable cymbals.




From £12.50 to £18.00 

Customised sizes at extra charge


07957 543769

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