Review: DW MDD Single Pedal

The smooth machined direct drive pedal from DW

Words: Dave Male & Gemma Hill  Images: Richard Ecclestone

DW recently announced a new division of the company, DW Manufacturing, which was given the mandate of producing ‘ultra high-end machined products’. The first product from the new division is the DW Machined Direct Drive pedal.

It is available as a single or double kick drum pedal, and iDrum has received the former to check out for review.

In Detail

The MDD pedal comes with a selection of beaters – round and soft, or hard and flat – and it has room to add counterweights, of which there are a selection so that the weight and impact of the beater can be adjusted. It has a solid aluminium footboard, with a contoured aluminium heel plate. DW’s Floating Rotor Technology means that the cam shaft floats, due to thread bearings at the solid aluminium cam and its supports, making the action of the pedal very quick.

In Use

Without being overly complicated, this seems to be one of the most adjustable pedals going. It features a vertical, sliding spring tension adjustment, and the height of the plate can be altered. There is a spring-loaded clamp with rubber-coated holders, whose angle can also be adjusted so that the kick drum hoop isn’t damaged at the point of contact. The pedal itself is sturdy and weighty, but the action is smooth and light.


The MDD single pedal’s threaded bearing technology gives it a completely silent action that feels effortless under foot. No more squeaky pedal problems in the studio!



Heads Up: DW Machined Direct Drive single kick drum pedal

Price: DW MDD single pedal £479

DW MDD double pedal £979

Contact: Westside Distribution

0141 248 4812

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One comment on “Review: DW MDD Single Pedal
  1. michael euefueno says:

    DW has got my attention with this pedal ! This looks fantastic. Thank You.Mike E.

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