Review: Korg Cliphit

Make a drum kit from any surface with this surprising drum module

Words: Dave Male & Gemma Hill    Images: Richard Ecclestone

If this isn’t one of the coolest drumming innovations, we don’t know what is. Sensor clip technology enables you to make a drum kit from almost any surface – just attach the clips and you have a snare, hi-hat or cymbal, plus a foot switch pedal for a kick (or hi-hat pedal, or double kick, if you buy one extra pedal) from this electric drum module by Korg.

In Detail

The module has three clip inputs, two pedal inputs, aux in (so you can play along to an mp3 player), a headphone out jack, master volume and clip volumes for each of the channels. It has a mode selection for each of the sounds, with eleven kits that vary from rock to pop, and EFX (hand percussion, dogs, cats, handclaps). It starts with very little reverb but adds more throughout the settings. The module runs on batteries, but also has a power switch and can operate from a 9V DC supply.

In Use

The Cliphit is simple, easy to use and a lot of fun. You have an instant drum kit by attaching it to any surface, which is great for casual playing and situations where space is an issue. The sounds are better through headphones than they are through the module’s three-inch, 2W speaker, which does at least have a ‘bass-reflex design’ to boost the low-end.


The Korg Cliphit is a great invention – it’s compact, looks good, and is hugely entertaining, although it doesn’t just have to be for fun. Attaching the clips to practice pads gives a viable alternative to using a basic electronic kit. The sounds are good, although they’re understandably not quite as advanced as some electric kits that are on the market. We can see this being on a lot of drummers’ Christmas lists.


Heads Up: Korg Cliphit

Price: £118.80

Contact: Korg

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