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Los Cabos sticks are a pleasing discovery, offering exciting choices for drummers and percussionists. We have a variety of products on review here, so let’s dive right in.

Words: Andy Ward    Images: Richard Ecclestone

White Hickory 2Bs

This is a solid, beefy stick that is surprisingly light, which might tempt drummers who usually shy away from stockier sticks. The unvarnished finish is smooth, comfortable and it has a large acorn tip. The 2B is well balanced and performs well on both practice pad and kit. This stick is also great in a 7A and 5A.

White Hickory Nylon Tip 5Bs

These are substantial and balanced sticks that look heavier than they actually are. The nylon tip creates a bright cymbal definition and the sticks are easy to use both on pad and kit.

The unvarnished finish is particularly smooth, meaning there is no slippage.

Red Hickory Intense 5As and 5Bs

These beauties are as smooth as silk – elegant in both look and feel. Beautifully finished, they feel like oak equivalents but less weighty. They glide around the kit, respond well on the pad and complement cymbal work. The smaller acorn tip worked well for the finer cymbal and hi-hat patterns. These are an investment pair of sticks!

Generation Next sticks

Some younger drummers struggle with standard sized sticks and these maple sticks could be the answer. Called ‘Generation Next’,they are available in two sizes – 14.25” for ages four to seven and 15.25” for ages eight to 11.

I could not review these personally, being of a certain age, so I asked one of my students.

Tom is 11 and falls within the age range these sticks are designed for. Road testing them on his electronic kit, he was impressed with their smooth feel and that they IMG_0116.jpeg_580pxstayed in his hands.

He liked their weight, describing them as being less heavy than his ordinary sticks (5Bs). He enjoyed their user friendliness in playing longer fills too. From an adult perspective, I can see these sticks being used for lighter volume playing and jazz, despite their shorter length, although they might need some consideration in terms of reach. It would be good to see them available in black too.

Multi-Sticks 3A and mallet combo

A clever mix of drum stick and light mallet, these are a handy ergonomic tool, which I loved. The stick was easy to use and I was only aware of the mallet end if it touched my wrist. The mallet heads are small so have their volume limits, yet they produce great cymbal swells and respond well on the kit. The overall balance is good and they are easy to flip round from stick to mallet while playing.

Standard Retractable Wire

Brush with rubber handle

These were a good weight and were evenly balanced with smooth and comfortable handles. I appreciated the three level retraction curves at the base of the handle, which allowed for three positions of the brush up to their full splay. I could play rudiments in all positions and they responded well on cymbals.

A minor quibble, but when fully retracted one brush’s tips were level and neat, while the other’s bristles were a few millimeters over.


Los Cabos offers a really wide range of varied sticks, which are affordable and most importantly, feel good to play with. I am officially a convert to these Canadian creations.



Heads Up

Los Cabos sticks


White Hickory 2B, 7A, 5A £8.99

White Hickory Nylon Tip 5B £10.59

Red Hickory Intense 5A and 5B £9.49

Generation Next sticks £6.99

Multi-Sticks £20.99

Standard Retractable Wire Brush £25.99


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0141 248 4812


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