Review: Meinl Bamboo Multi-Stick Collection

IMG_4871_webNew hand selected bamboo sticks for percussion and kit from Meinl

Words: Steve Lodge and Gemma Hill  Images: Richard Ecclestone

Three different types of ‘hot rod’ style sticks make up this new Bamboo Collection from Meinl. The sticks are multi-purpose to give you further sound and playing options for the cajón and other percussion, as well as on the drum kit.

In Detail

Made from hand-selected bamboo, the collection is made up of the Bamboo Multi Stick (BMS2), the Bamboo Multi Stick with extra long grip (BMS1), and the Bamboo Cajón Multi Stick (BCMS1). The sticks are all 16” in length, made in Germany and have adjustable sound control rings.

In Use

The sticks all have a balanced, comfortable weight in the hand – they feel heavy enough that you have some power but light enough to keep playing intricacies possible. Playing cajón with both sticks held vertically and in a ‘traditional’ style grip can get tiring on the hands and finger joints with regular brushes or hot rods, but these felt comfortable, even over an extended period of playing time. Each type has a skewed stick tip so that the frontplate of the cajón doesn’t get scratched.


These sticks have been well designed and it’s great to see that the popularity of the cajón is encouraging companies to release products specifically with the instrument in mind. If you want to increase the volume and definition of your cajón or percussion playing by using sticks, then these are affordably priced – they’re great on the kit too. Our personal favourite was the Bamboo Multi Stick, which gave a defined sound with its extra wrap for rebound and dynamic control. The adjustable sound control rings mean that you can get a variety of sounds from a single pair of sticks. 

Heads Up

Meinl Bamboo Multi-Stick Collection


Bamboo Cajon Multi Stick (BCMS1) £17.99

Bamboo Multi Stick (BMS2) £21.49

Bamboo Multi Stick with extra long grip (BMS1) £22.49


D’Addario UK Ltd

0191 300 3000

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