Review: ProMark Anton Fig signature drumsticks

The latest addition to ProMark’s signature stick range

Words: Andy Hurley  Images: Thru-A-Lupe Photographic

These sticks are a slight departure from my usual choice, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Anton Fig describes them as ‘Consistent, solid and dependable’ and they certainly have a quality look and feel about them. Made from hickory, they’re well balanced and ProMark states it matches pairs to within 1.5 grams of each other. It’s this careful pairing that produces the ‘consistent’ feel. Hickory is also durable and absorbs a lot of the impact forces, thereby reducing hand fatigue.

The sticks are 16.75 inches long and 0.595 inches in diameter. They are weighted specifically for forward power, rather than rebound. The taper is relatively short at 2.25 inches and the tip is wooden, large and round – designed for high sound projection.

They look good – the branding and signature are shown prominently towards the centre of the stick. They have a lacquered finish and the handles are treated with ProMark’s Pro-Grip solution to improve grip and hold. 


Playing with them, they do feel solid and powerful, while not being too heavy. The grip is great and I’d say that if you need a little extra something in your armoury then these are definitely worth a go.

Heads Up

ProMark Pro-Grip Anton Fig signature drumsticks


RRP £15.99


D’Addario UK

0191 300 3000

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