Review: Sabian 13” Hoop Crasher

Boost your tonal range with this Jojo Mayer designed crasher

In 2013, Sabian officially launched the 14” Hoop Crasher, designed by Jojo Mayer, although Jojo had been using it in his own set-up for nearly two years. The Hoop Crasher has been in such high demand that a 13” version has now been launched, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it…

In Detail

The Hoop Crasher sits around the edge of the snare head; it can either be attached to the snare rim by three plastic clamps (more can be ordered from, which have three positional possibilities, or it can sit loosely on the snare without the clamps, giving a range of different sound options. The Hoop Crasher is made from B20 bronze, premium hi-hats, which are loosely held together by rivets. Again, to give more sound possibilities, the rivets can be removed, enabling the hats to sit closer or further apart from each other, or even for one ring to be played, rather than two. The top ring has 32 holes punched into it for ‘lightness and lift’.

In Use

The clamps’ three positions give the product a range of sounds – when clamped down tightly, the Hoop Crasher has a short, punchy effect, and when it’s loosely clamped, the product has longer sustain and more of a trashy, crash sound. The Hoop Crasher doesn’t change the sound of the snare much at all, remarkably; it sits on the head so that it causes minimum impact, and depending on where you strike the snare, it can be avoided completely.


Knowing that it was designed by Jojo Mayer, we’re not surprised to find that the 13” Hoop Crasher is a well thought out and ingenious addition to any set up. Some genres of music might find it more beneficial than others, but drummers will undoubtedly find this to be a simple but effective way of adding a new level of sounds to their set-up. 

Words: Gemma Hill  Images: Thru-A-Lupe Photographic


Sabian 13” Hoop Crasher

Price £236


Westside Distribution

0141 248 4812

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