Review: Sonor Martini special edition kit

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The little kit with the big sound

Words: Gemma Hill, Andy Wraight  Images: Thru-A-Lupe Photographic

Sonor had this eye-catching little kit on display at the Sonor Days festival held at their factory in Germany. The premise of the Martini is that the compactness of the kit allows for a smaller footprint in the car, at home, or at gigs without compromising the overall sound quality.

The kit has a Retro Turquoise Galaxy Sparkle finish with offset natural finish kick drum hoops. Included in the kit is a 14”x12” kick drum (with mount and riser), an 8”x8” tom, a 13”x10” floor tom (with STH 274 single tom holder), and a 12”x5” steel snare drum.

The Martini kit is made up of cross-laminated nine-ply poplar shells, which come with Remo UX coated heads on top and clear heads on the resonant side. 

Triple-flanged hoops give the kit a resonant, big, warm sound, and Sonor’s Tune Safe lugs take care of your tuning, giving you more time to enjoy playing. The toms produce good, solid tones immediately, which are initially quite high, as you would expect from their sizes.

Sonor has done something that other companies missed a trick on with former cocktail kits: the snare drum is steel, which gives a lot more projection and punch than a wooden snare would.

The one down side is that, because of the size of the kick drum, it is difficult to get a decent, low bass thud. However, Sonor has added vintage style felt dampening, which takes away a lot of the unwanted overtones, and for the size of the kit, the kick drum does an admirable job.

Overall, this is a stylish kit with a striking finish and exceptional build quality. 

The pictured Series 4000 hardware is not included with this shell kit

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