Review: Sonor Perfect Balance pedal by Jojo Mayer

The single pedal that’s as smooth as its designer

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Solid, ergonomic and engineered. These are the words that come to mind when opening the box containing the Sonor Perfect Balance pedal, which is designed by Jojo Mayer. The flyer describes the design principles – perfect harmony, balance, no unnecessary adjustments and classic engineering using modern day materials to industry standards.

140621 Drummer Mag Gear Shots June 2014 -067.jpeg_webIn Detail

The pedal is striking to look at in its folded state. It has a long, slim base plate, a polished chrome elongated footboard, a chunky pedal column and a classic beater, all neatly folded together. The pedal comes with its own padded pedal bag, a must for transporting to gigs as this pedal looks way too good just to be loose in your hardware bag.

Here’s my top tip: read the instructions. At first glance, there seem to be a lot to digest, but it describes perfectly, step by step, how to unfold the pedal and how to set it up for the first time. It’s worth noting that the pedal is designed and optimised for use with Sonor kick drums and built to industry standard measurements. Other kick drums may differ slightly and have a smaller width drum hoop, in which case you may have to pull the pedal back slightly, which does not affect the playability.

The pedal unfolds very easily and once set up to your drum, that’s it. No matter how many times you pack and unpack the pedal, you’ll never need to adjust it – unless you switch to a different drum. The clamping mechanism self mounts in one easy movement and folding it up is equally smooth and simple.

140621 Drummer Mag Gear Shots June 2014 -068.jpeg_webIn Use

The pedal board is completely smooth, which is specifically to aid heel, toe and sliding techniques. My playing technique is more basic, but the smooth board did not affect me at all as I play with rubber soles. If your playing is more advanced, the smooth board can only contribute to your speed and agility.

I found the pedal to be very light and responsive while remaining solid and positive. It feels great to play and it lives up to the expectation that it should be effortless and offer no resistance – perfect balance, indeed.


A great pedal – the price isn’t for the faint hearted, but this is a serious piece of kit. It looks fantastic and is built to last – there are no unnecessary components and it is meticulously engineered. The way it folds down so easily and quickly is a big bonus for gigging drummers, too.

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Sonor Perfect Balance by Jojo Mayer


Perfect Balance pedal – £249.99


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