Review: Stagg Sensa Series cymbals

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The latest range from Stagg, with new effect cymbals

Words: Ollie Tanner Images: Thru-A-Lupe Photographic

Stagg’s new Sensa cymbals are described as ‘an ideal all-round series for drummers searching for cymbals with flexibility and variation of tone’ and their new effect cymbals promise to bring a modern, trashy sound to the range.

Drummer has a range of 10 cymbals to review, so we’d better get started…

14” Sensa Medium Hi-hats 

These hi-hats look great and have a warm traditional sound. They give a deep, warm tone when pedalled with the foot. The stick definition is quiet in comparison with the bright, modern sound heard nowadays.

13” Sensa Medium Hi-hats 

Similar sounding to the 14” model, but with a slightly brighter stick definition, which is to be expected with 13” hats. These are a dark sounding pair of hi-hats that sound great when played slightly open and pedalled with the foot. 

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12” Sensa Medium Splash 

This has a brilliant finish with a warm, trashy tone that sounds great and cuts through well.

14” Sensa Medium Crash 

A dark sounding crash with hints of brightness to it. This has some great sustain for a 14” crash and it really cuts through. The medium weight of the cymbal gives it an almost trashy sound.

16” Sensa Medium Crash 

This crash has tonal similarities to the 14” crash, however we felt that it had a metallic, heavy sound, putting it more into a crash/ride category.

18” Sensa Medium Crash Ride 

Crash rides can be dubious, however, this gave fantastic stick definition and had a very warm, washy, jazz feel to it. It has a deep, dark crash effect but we would use it more as a ride than a crash, as the weight gives it a heavy sound. It has a lovely finish and sounds more crash-like when using the bell. Great sustain, overall.

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20” Sensa Medium Sweet Ride

We loved the stick definition of this tidy ride, which is really clear and balanced, making it a great ride for a jazz set-up. The bell doesn’t quite cut the mustard, but the sound of the ride more than makes up for it.

8” and 14” Sensa Sizzle Stack 

The sizzle element of this combo comes from the china with its eight rivets, which alone sound really good, as does the 8” Medium Splash. When used together it produces a very bright, trashy sound that has high definition and lots of punch.

10” and 16” SensA Sizzle Stack 

With a deeper trashy feel than the 8” and 14”, we love this stack! This is a great effects addition to the Sensa range – it really cuts through the music, giving a modern, cool feel.

18” Sensa China sizzle 

This china also has the rivets built in to give it a sizzle sound, but has a classic, deep, dark china feel to it. It cuts through like it should and the sizzle gives it a trashy sustain. 


Stagg has been known in the past to make cymbals where the low price was the unique selling point. However, this new Sensa range is different. Complete with a new logo, the brilliant finish on all the cymbals gives them a really high-end look and feel. The sound is also really good – maybe an 18” medium crash would be better than just a crash ride, but nevertheless the series is really impressive. For us, it’s the Efx sizzle stack range that makes this Sensa series stand out to be re-engaging and re-shaping Stagg. The price range is still cheaper then the other big guns out there, too. Well done, Stagg.

Heads Up

Stagg Sensa series cymbals


13” Sensa Medium Hi-hats – £152

14” Sensa Medium Hi-hats – £192

12” Sensa Medium Splash – £44.10

14” Sensa Medium Crash – £58.30

16” Sensa Medium Crash – £90.30

18” Sensa Medium Crash Ride – £126

20” Sensa Medium Sweet Ride – £182

8” and 14” Sensa Sizzle Stack – £94.10

10” and 16” Sense Sizzle Stack – £141

18” Sensa China Sizzle – £168

Also available, but not reviewed:

10” Sensa Medium Splash – £36.70

8” Sensa Medium Splash – £28.50


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