Review: Sakae PAC-D

Good things come in small packages.

Words: Andrew Ward   Images: Richard Ecclestone

This is one of the most talked about kits for some time, not only because of its looks (in this case an amazing ‘Miami’ turquoise, actually listed as Sonic Blue), but also because of the incredible and powerful 16” kick drum, un-drilled and sitting on its own adjustable raiser/cradle.

In Detail

The kit we played included the 16”x16” kick drum, a 13”x11” floor tom, a 10”x7” tom and a 12”x5.5” snare drum. They are made from Asian mahogany with a cherry wood ply, combined with triple-flanged ‘Righty Halo’ rims and come in hi-gloss lacquered finishes. The PAC-D can be purchased as a shell pack or including hardware consisting of a hi-hat stand, boom and snare stands and a kick drum pedal. The hardware is single braced and light, which is perfect for the kit. The tom mount and floor tom legs are the same IMG_4268 2.jpeg_580pxspecification as you would receive as standard on all of the Sakae ranges. Although the kit is purchased as a four piece, additional toms are available.

In Use

The kit’s overall compact size belies the tone and projection it delivers. You know that indefinable feeling we have all experienced when playing a kit that just feels so good? Well this has it in spades. It has an instant playability that allows you to move around at ease and everything is highly adjustable if needed.

The 12” snare is punchy but sensitive; although it does not deliver the fat backbeat of deeper snares, it still provides enough weight and is also responsive to brushes and lighter playing. The heads provided with the kit produce a great sound.

The beauty of this kit is, as mentioned before, its compact size. Instantly the benefits speak for themselves. A small venue where space is a premium? No problem. The gig where the line up on stage is substantial and everyone needs their space? No problem. How many times have you sweated trying to fit a mass of gear into a small or moderately sized vehicle? Although not strictly selling as a jazz kit, it does have the appeal, size wise, that those kits provide. The styling and design of this kit is both contemporary and retro, which is often hard to achieve, yet this has a beautiful coupling of the two.


This is a fine looking instrument, which is both durable and adaptable to many genres. Its portability and tonal qualities will give other kits a run for their money. The unusual addition of having a 16” kick drum that does not sound like a floor tom is so inviting that I cannot think of many drummers who will not be impressed by its full sound. The lightweight hardware will not be to everyone’s liking, but it is very functional and holds up well, though I would suggest using your own kick drum pedal rather than the lightweight one that is included. With a range of beautiful and funky finishes I expect these kits to be around for many years to come.

Sakae PAC-D


Shell pack and hardware £599


Soar Valley Music

0116 2304926

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