The Riser: Ashes to Angels

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Bristol-based alternative goth punks Ashes to Angels lend us a word with their drummer Jim Baber…

What do you sound like?

We sound like a high velocity punk rock band, with a penchant for the dark side.

Have you got any albums out?

We have a few records out now. Our latest album is called Horror Cult.

Do you have any upcoming tour dates?

We’re playing a few UK dates on 14 October at the Exile, Plymouth; on
15 October at The Battersea Barge, London; and 17 October at The Louisiana, Bristol. Then we head out to the USA and play on 22 October at Ventura Theater, Ventura; and 23 October at The Observatory, Santa Ana, both in California, with Black Veil Brides and Aiden.

Who/what inspired you to take up drumming?

To begin with I just wanted to become a more well-rounded musician, but now I couldn’t see myself anywhere else. It’s the most emotional instrument there is.

What’s your current set-up?

I play a Mapex M series with Remo Weather King pinstripes, a Tama 14” snare, Paiste PST3 hi-hats, a Sabian XS20 16”, a Paiste 101 ride 20” brass ride, an Iron cobra pedal, and a Butt Kicker.

What’s your favourite venue you’ve played at?

Going to local venues I went to as a kid and that I’m now able to fill up is a pretty good feeling, so I think I’ll say The Fleece in Bristol, but there are so many great venues across the country it’s hard to choose.

What’s your favourite album of all time?

I’ll have to go with Paranoid by Black Sabbath because sonically, lyrically and by strength of songwriting it’s the best there has been.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever seen?

The best show I have ever been to was also my first – Ozzfest 2001. It was basically a who’s who of every rock club playlist.

Which drummers, past or present, inspire you the most?

My favorite drummer for a while is Brian Vigalone from the Dresden Dolls. The dude has his roots firmly in punk rock but has branched out to make his sound so interesting.

Ringo Starr, Charlie Watts or Keith Moon?

Come on… there has never been a more charismatic drummer in the world than Keith Moon! ’A Quick One While He’s Away’ is genius!

Ashestoangels are:

Jim Baber – drums/backing vocals

Crilly Ashes – vocals/synths

Adam Falkor – guitars/backing vocals

Nico Venere – bass/backing vocals

Ashestoangels on the Tube…

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