Control your sounds with Cympad

Following on from the success of Cympad’s Optimizer and Chromatics series, the company is pushing their first invention: the Moderator.


According to Cympad inventor and Swiss drummer Reto Hirschi, now that Cympad’s Optimizer and Chromatics series have become popular and successful, Moderators have started attracting interest from the world’s drummers as well. “Moderators are recommended for a wide range of drumming situations,” explains Hirschi. “They can be used to ‘dry out’ a ride cymbal in a live application, reduce the volume and decay of a crash in a lesson or practice session and add focus and definition to a cymbal set in a recording studio. Moderators can quickly and easily be placed under the bell of any cymbal – and removed just as quickly and easily – offering highly effective yet flexible and temporary tone control.” Available in 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100×15 millimetre sizes to allow incremental modification of virtually any cymbal’s sound, Cympad Moderators feature the same quality and consistency, and are made from the same advanced foam material as Cympad Optimizers. They come in convenient two-packs, a handy assortment cube (one of each size) and a versatile double box set (two of each size).

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