New company launches left-handed drum sticks

Esteemed stick manufacturer Raloten has announced the launch of the world’s first drum sticks designed specifically for left-handed players.

Raloten’s spokesman, Dr Fillop Aro, had this to say: “We were in the factory one day when one of our newer employees accidentally fed the wood into the CNC machine upside down. The mistake wasn’t noticed until part way through the run, and at first we were furious, but when a left-handed employee picked the resulting sticks up and bust out a half-time Purdie shuffle on the side of the conveyor belt we knew we’d stumbled onto something really special.”

The difference between Raloten's left-handed sticks and traditional models is staggering

The difference between Raloten’s left-handed sticks and traditional models is staggering

As you can see from the picture, the differences are staggering. Our sources tell us that major stick manufacturers have so far been unable to replicate the success of Raloten’s innovative manufacturing methods.

Look out for a full review in an upcoming issue, and we’re looking forward to welcoming Raloten to the London Drum Show later this year. The company has promised to bring a full range of drum accessories for southpaw drummers, including left-handed pedals, a left-handed drum key and a left-handed cowbell.

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21 comments on “New company launches left-handed drum sticks
  1. doug beeches says:


  2. This is freaking hilarious. Is it that time of year again? 🙂

  3. Judy says:

    April Fool!

  4. Art Wolinsky says:

    Yes, but will they work on a right-handed drum?

  5. I cant wait to see these or hear them,ha ha
    one has to admit this is a good one.

  6. MelchMarko says:

    What if yur ambi-duck-struss?

  7. Fantastic ……

    Now I can have left-handed drum sticks to go with my set of Left-handed Screwdrivers.

  8. johnny says:

    I guess if you are in the 7th grade this would be funny.

  9. Dom says:

    April fools day!

  10. Mark goodwin says:

    Damn they sound so good I’m almost tempted to change to left handed

  11. BassBonez says:

    Yeah I bought a left handed Djembe today ! Miraculous 🙂

  12. Bryan C. Loy says:

    April fool. Right?

  13. LD says:

    April foolish

  14. Yubie the Kubie Cat says:

    Similar to Twix. The left and right sticks try to outdo each other. 😉

  15. Neil says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah! Look at the date of the article.

  16. Gombocz Avar says:


  17. Shawn McCoy says:
  18. Mark Slama says:

    Cause we need more cowbell 🙂

  19. Lefty Clubfoot says:

    “Finally! A southpaw-friendly stick-maker! Simply a stroke of genius, now I can confidently execute The 27TH Drum Rudiment: The DOUBLE GOD-DAM-A-DIDDLE” – Lefty Clubfoot

  20. Dave Riegert says:

    I like that they’re already broken in. Saves time.

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