Steve White joins the Yamaha family


Credit: James Cumpsty

Steve White, renowned as one of the greatest and most influential British drummers of his generation, has chosen to play Yamaha’s Absolute Hybrid Maple series. We understand that Steve has entered into a long-term relationship with Yamaha Drums, designed to reach out to players and those who aspire to play drums, as opposed to the stereotypical brand endorsement.

Yamaha Drums is now working with Steve White to develop and implement a meaningful and far-reaching plan for the future.

Steve said: “I had no hesitation in wanting to play Yamaha drums after I heard the phenomenal sound of the Absolute Hybrid Maple kit at this year’s ‘World’s Greatest Drummer Concert’. The drums are beautifully made and a joy to play, it’s an absolute breath of fresh air and very inspirational for me to be embarking on this journey with Yamaha at a time I’m releasing a record I’m really proud of with The Family Silver. It is a privilege to be representing the world’s largest musical instrument brand. I am really excited about our future plans and look forward to a very long and successful relationship with Yamaha Drums.”

Yamaha’s drum product marketing manager Gavin Thomas said: “It is an honour to have Steve White join Yamaha Drums. Steve’s passion and devotion for drums, music and development is equally matched by Yamaha’s, and together we are dedicated to create and help develop the next generation of drummers. While I know that currently there could be a cynical view on endorsements within the drum industry, I can assure everyone that this relationship is based on a mutual ability, the willingness to encourage and inspire and demonstrate that actions speak louder than words.”

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