Stix Zadinia (Steel Panther) up-to-date gear stats

SLR_9217_web-300x199We’re excited to have received the latest gear stats for Steel Panther’s larger-than-life drummer Stix Zadinia!

Stix featured in our London Drum Show special in an interview with Andy Hughes, where he talked about his hard hitting style and the importance of a good bandana…


Stix’s latest set up is as follows:

New DW collector’s Maple/Mahogany Kit (Blue To white):
18″x 22″ Kick Drum
9″x 13″ Rack Tom
14″x 16″ Floor Tom
16x 18″ Floor Tom
6.5″x 14″ DW Steel Knurled snare
6″x 14″ DW Edge snare

Remo Drum Heads:
Toms batter side-Clear Vintage Emperor
Toms res side- Clear Ambassador
Snare batter- Coated Emperor X
Snare res- clear Ambassador
Kick batter- Powerstroke P3 Clear
Kick res- Powerstroke Black suede

Vic Firth Sticks:

American Classic Metal signature w/ Steel Panther logo

Hardware – DW Rack:
(4) rack feet
(4) 3′ straight bar
(1) 2′ straight bar
(2) 3′ curved bar
(3) 2′ curved bar
(1) 1′ curved bar
(8) cymbal toppers
(6) 8″ boom assembly
(2) 12″ boom assembly
(2) cymbal tilt w/ 2″ cymbal assembly
(32) memory locks
(7) V clamps
(7) T clamps
(2) C clamps
(1) Tom arm
(1) cowbell arm
(1) snare basket
(1) 18″ mic boom
(2) LP mic claw
DW 9000 Double Kick drum pedals
DW 9000 Hi Hat stand

Sabian Cymbals:
Main Cymbal Pack
15″ AAX X-Celerator Hats
18″ AAX X-Plosion Crash
19″ AAX X-Plosion Crash
19″ HHX X-Plosion Crash
20″ Paragon Crash
21″ AA Holy China
21″ HH Raw-Bell Dry Ride

Drum Throne: Porter & Davies BC Gigster

Tactile monitoring by Porter & Davies (BC2 rm)

Allen & Heath ZED 12 FX mixing console

MPD 26 USB/Midi pad control unit

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