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After dazzling everyone with his blast beats DVD, Roddy returns to the fundamental topic of ‘how your set-up directly relates to you as a drummer and how you develop on the drum kit’ on his latest DVD. The 80-minute programme features Roddy in an informal setting with four drummer friends (Chris McAvoy, Steven Hires, Anthony Laurella and Shawn Hisaw), discussing all aspects of set up as Roddy builds his double bass kit from the bottom up. Roddy begins with his drum carpet (stating a preference for a less spongy carpet) and continues by considering how posture on the stool affects the optimum angles for drum set up.


He then considers seat height and many aspects of our pedals; the height and angle of the bass drums and the angle of the legs in relation to the bass drums before addressing the rest of the kit. He suggests positioning toms to minimise twisting one’s spine and analyses the positioning of the snare (considering which grip you’re using) before turning his attention to the hi-hat stand, adding additional sound sources and keeping your set-up compact. The discussion is interspersed with Roddy playing five metal tracks, displaying his formidable technique. This is a valuable DVD, containing a lot of useful information, but its informal nature may have been improved with the addition of a more concise round up of the most pertinent points.

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