Review: Dream Cymbals 22” Bliss Series Gorilla Ride

IMG_2814.jpeg_webIn a groundbreaking move by Dream Cymbals, the company has introduced a new 22” Bliss Series Gorilla Ride cymbal. Before now, the Dream Bliss ride cymbal range had a dual crash/ride function, but this is a standalone ride, which has a lot of precision and body to it. It includes a large 5” bell that cuts through amazingly well and is easy to strike. It’s a heavyweight cymbal, meaning it’s not ideal to use as a crash, but it’s both powerful and articulate – making it a force to be reckoned with.

In Use

After putting it through its paces, this cymbal
seems perfect for playing straight rock beats and also works really well with some more funky rhythms. It can also be played gently, but if jazz is your thing it’s probably worth hunting around for a darker version. The stick definition is good at all volumes and the five to six second decay adds to its musicality.


This is new territory for the Bliss range, but if you’re looking at any of the heavier Energy rides, then try the Gorilla – you will not be disappointed. We really hope that Dream looks at expanding the Gorilla Ride range by adding a 20” or 21” cymbal in the near future.

Words: Victor Guillamon  Images: Richard Ecclestone


Dream Cymbals 22” Bliss Series Gorilla Ride

Price £249


Soar Valley Music

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