Pete Lockett: Hands and Feet Tied – part III

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Upstairs, downstairs and never the twain shall meet! Not likely. Here we are looking at lots of ways we can develop the links between our four limbs, both up and down.





Example 1

We wound up last time with two different paradiddle variations with hands and feet, both at a sixteenth-note level. Now we will push further into the forest and play the shifted paradiddle with the hands between the ride and snare while we simultaneously play the same paradiddle between our feet, but at half the tempo.Lockett dots123.mus

It is amazing how our mind is focused in the background when we articulate stickings. These type of additional exercises add a whole new layer, and it is as if you start to learn what could be compared to ‘chordal’ or ‘multi voice’ sequences in the way they feel within the performer’s mind. It does take a while to get comfortable with these new feelings, but, given time, it really starts to become second nature.

Example 2

Next up, similar approach, but the feet play a regular paradiddle at half speed.

Lockett dots123.mus

Example 3

Now we will expand the pattern that the hands are playing to span two quarter notes. The sticking here will be: RLRL RLRR LRLR LRLL. We will do this with the hands and the regular paradiddle with the feet. Both are played at the sixteenth note level.Lockett dots123.mus

Example 4

Next up we will change the foot pattern into the shifted paradiddle. Both play as sixteenth notes and the hands. Lockett dots123.mus

Example 5 

Next up everything stays the same apart from the feet, which play off beat doubles as sixteenth notes. Lockett dots123.mus

Example 6

Finally, the biggest brain teaser for a while. The hands change by shifting the longer pattern backwards by one sixteenth: RLRL RLLR LRLR LRRL. Along with this, the feet play an alternative inversion of the longer sticking: RLRR LRLR LRLL RLRL. All as sixteenths, it will go something like this. Lockett dots123.mus





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