Steve Timms: Fills and solos – part IV

SteveTimmsDrummer007Tutor: Steve Timms    Level: Intermediate

In the fourth and final study on counting odd figures over even time signatures we are going to use the exercises from the last lesson to create one-bar fills and ideas for making up your own solos. In examples one and two I have written in the groups of five or three above the stave with the sticking below. In exercises three and four I have just written in the sticking, while in exercises five and six you just have the dots as the stickings remain the same.



Example 1

This is the original idea that we began with in the first study in Drummer 110. We use a five, three, five, three system, but this time it is being moved around the kit and has accents to create a more dynamic fill.

Timms dots Iss113.mus

Example 2

This fill is using a three, five, three, five system. If you want to change the position of the accents feel free to do so.

Timms dots Iss113.mus

Example 3

Here we have an example of a three, three, five, five system.

Timms dots Iss113.mus

Example 4

This is a five, five, three, three.

Timms dots Iss113.mus

Example 5

By playing this system over two or more bars we can start to create our own solo ideas. Here is an example; the system is five, five, five, three, three, three, five, three. Note how the first set of three cuts across from the first to second bar.

Timms dots Iss113.mus

Example 6

Finally, we have another two bar sequence, the system for this is three, three, three, five, five, three, five, five.

Timms dots Iss113.mus



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